Please READ the following carefully.

The Nation is planning to do a $300.00 distribution for all its members, to help them address this very scary wave of Covid-19 that is happening in Saskatchewan at this time.

The on-reserve distribution will be as follows:

December 9th and 10th – for those who reside on-reserve only.

If you printed off or have a copy of the form, DO NOT send it back to the band office. Bring it with you to the location that applies to you. See additional document that outlines all the necessary steps for you.

Blank forms can be picked up at the band office. Please see receptionist. You will bring this with you to your location on December 9th or 10th.

We apologize for any inconvenience these guidelines may cause you, but we are thinking of everyone’s personal safety and well-being.

Please follow our rules,

  1. Please wear a mask when you attend one of the locations (SHA mandated guidelines),
  2. Payments will not be given to any person other than the person it is going to, unless it is a dependent (under 18 & disabled),
  3. If your child or children are co-parented, both parents should attempt to be present so as not to cause problems of who should get the money,
  4. Do not bring your children with you to the site locations, and
  5. Please comply with the on-site security.

Keep in mind, nothing is perfect. Murphy’s Law states, “If something can go wrong, it will.” So please be patient and kind with our staff. They are putting their lives at risk to ensure you and your family get your distribution.

  1. Go only to the building that coincides with your last name, see below. Unfortunately, if you and your children do not share the same last name, you will have to go to more than one location.
  2. Drive up to your location and security will provide you with a number in the parking lot, and point you to which entrance you will be using.
  3. Wait in your vehicle until the security at your assigned entrance posts your number. Once your number is posted you will then be asked to move to the entrance and allowed into the building. REMEMBER DO NOT COME TO THE DOOR UNTIL YOUR NUMBER IS CALLED.
  4. Once you are in the building just follow the designated arrows that will show you to your table to receive your payment.

The following locations in the community will be used for the distribution:

High School Gym:

Last names starting with:

Entrance 1 – H, I, J, K, L, M, N,               

Entrance 2- S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z,          

Veterans Hall:

Last names starting with:

Entrance 1 – Gambles:  A-Ke

Entrance 2 – Gamble: G-Kim – Gam-Vaneen


Last names starting with:

Entrance 1 – Gardipy

Entrance 2 –Gardypie

Gedd-Gen – Either Entrance

Justice Building:

Last names starting with:

Entrance 1 – A, B, C, D, E, F and O, P, Q, R

Payments via mail will be done upon request. Please follow the link to register yourself and any of your dependents.


Any band member can request their payments by mail by filling out the above-mentioned form. Mail out of these payments will begin December 14, 2020.