Councillor D. K. Seesequasis

11693908_10153721899914907_3440749366290430305_nDaniel “Kevin” Seesequasis is a Councillor with the Beardy’s & Okemasis First Nation and is responsible for:

  • Community Development
  • Emergency Management
  • Governance
  • Communications

In 2009, Kevin was appointed as a Team Leader with the Government of Alberta (Human Resources) where he worked in concert with Indigenous individuals and organizations to develop the “Effective Aboriginal Recruiting and Retention Strategy” to promote effective recruiting and retention practices of Indigenous people within the Government of Alberta. While studying in Edmonton, he served as the President of the Aboriginal Students’ Association of Grant MacEwan University and is also an out-and-proud, founding member of “InQueeries”- MacEwan’s LGBTQ-S Alliance. In the spring of 2016, he organized the first-ever Beardy’s & Okemasis First Nation Two-Spirit Pride festival – the first of it’s kind held on a First Nation in Saskatchewan!

Recognizing the challenges Indigenous people face, Kevin founded Aboriginal Liberal Youth of Saskatchewan (ALYS). The unique history and relationship that the Liberal Party of Canada has forged with Indigenous peoples allows him to work with other Indigenous individuals and organizations from across the province to promote Liberal values and to provide a venue for Indigenous youth to become engaged in the Canadian political process. Kevin served two years on the National Board of Directors of the Liberal Party of Canada and was the National Co-Chair of the party’s Aboriginal Peoples’ Commission from 2014-2016. His work assisted in the historic election of 9 Indigenous Members of Parliament – the most in Canadian history!

Kevin also recently retired as a Captain in the Canadian Forces. He was actively involved in the Canadian Cadet Organizations where he worked to develop the leadership potential in youth. He has served in all command, instructional, and support positions at units throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta and in 2008, assisted in the development of an Army Cadet Corps serving Saskatoon’s core Aboriginal community.

Kevin was elected to Council in March of 2014 and works to enhance the keen awareness of community at the Beardy’s & Okemasis First Nation. He was an avid runner (as evidenced now by his ‘Councillor belly’) and currently resides at his home with his dog Mya. He enjoys reading about politics and looks forward to using his skills and experience to connect Indigenous peoples with the issues that are important to them.

Connect with Kevin on Facebook, Twitter, or Email.


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