To: Membership, Beardy’s & Okemasis’ Cree Nation

From: Council, Beardy’s & Okemasis’ Cree Nation

Date: November 18, 2019

Re: $50 Christmas Card Per-Capita Distribution

Tansi Membership of the Beardy’s & Okemasis’ Cree Nation,

Each year, we see the challenges that Christmas can bring for families in our community. We see families celebrating with what they can, however they can; but most importantly, we see families coming together to enjoy the company of loved ones over the holidays.

In year’s past, we have not been in a financial position to provide more than what we have. This year is different. This year, our collective hard-work is paying off. This year, we are in a financial position to provide a $50 Walmart Gift Card to every member of the Beardy’s & Okemasis’ Cree Nation just in time for Christmas. Our Legacy Trust is working for us, and this year, we have made it a priority to budget those funds to ensure this Christmas is just a little bit brighter.

Each member of the Beardy’s & Okemasis’ Cree Nation can collect their $50 Christmas Gift Card at either the on-reserve Community Christmas CelebrationThursday, December 5th at the CRCEC Gym; or the Saskatoon Urban Christmas Meal, Friday, December 6th at the Saskatoon Inn. Additional details are forthcoming. Off-reserve members from afar can complete the form below and have their card mailed to them. Off-reserve cards will be mailed on December 6th, 2019. Families with unique or special requirements must contact our Membership Clerk at (306) 467-4523 to explain their situation and make appropriate arrangements.

We wish everyone a Merrier Christmas in 2019!


– Council of the Beardy’s & Okemasis’ Cree Nation


Off-Reserve/Urban Submission Form:

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