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May 16, 2018


Beardy’s & Okemasis’ Cree Nation, Treaty 6 – The following statement was released today by the Councillor in charge of Education & Training, Jackie Gamble:

“It fills me with immense pride to announce that more than 50 young people will be graduating from the Beardy’s & Okemasis’ Cree Nation at Constable Robin Cameron Education Complex, Stobart Community School, and other schools in June of 2018!

Our young people are teaching us so much — that we can overcome obstacles if we put our mind to it, that we can be resilient when times are tough, and of equal importance, that despite the challenges we face, we must celebrate success when we get the chance.

With this in mind, and on behalf of our entire Council, I would like to congratulate the following students who will be graduating as the Class of 2018:

Constable Robin Cameron Education Complex

  • Ahenakew, Cailyn
  • Almightyvoice-Cameron, Samantha
  • Anderson, Justine
  • Anderson, Kennedi
  • Ballantyne, Brent
  • Cameron, Kierra
  • Cameron, Trina
  • Caron, Tanner
  • Dreaver, Conway
  • Dashner, Dylan
  • Eyahpaise, Kaycie
  • Eyahpaise, Milane
  • Fox, Brandon
  • Gamble, Reuben
  • Gamble, Tyrell
  • Gardipy, Carson
  • Kytwayhat, Joseph
  • Naytowhow, Kristen
  • Roy, Germaine
  • Sanderson-Gamble, Julian
  • Seeseequasis, Christian
  • Seeseequasis, Kent
  • Seesequasis, Kordel
  • Smallchild, Justin

Stobart Community School

  • Ananas, Zach
  • Cameron, Chandelle
  • Gamble, Ambrose
  • Gamble, Jeanine
  • Gamble, Lakeishia
  • Gamble, Reese
  • Gamble, Twyla
  • Gardipy, Tameka
  • Gardypie, Maycie
  • Genereaux, Trent
  • Laboucan, Sheridan
  • Lathlin, Honey
  • Mandes, Justin
  • Mcintyre-Gamble, Jordan
  • McLeod, Kalie
  • Mike, Brooklyn
  • Mike, Kayle
  • Okemaysim, Zander
  • Pilon, Ty
  • Seeseequasis, Lainey
  • Thomas-Antoine, Talon

Northwest Regional College

  • Eyahpaise, Delbert
  • Gamble, Cheyenne
  • Gardipy, Ash-Lee


  • Cameron, Cody (Bedford Road Collegiate, Saskatoon)
  • Cameron, Liam (Aden Bowman Collegiate, Saskatoon)
  • Esperance, Chad (Rosthern High School)
  • Keskotagan, Rieley (Sakewew High School, North Battleford)
  • Okemaysim, Jackie (Moose Jaw)

As our students complete the remainder of their school year, we wish them much success in their studies, and encourage them to stick with it to the end! Graduation may be the end of one chapter of your life, but your journey is just getting started! To our community members, please join me in wishing all the best for our young people as we celebrate their success! Best wishes to all our graduating students and big thanks to all those who have supported them along the way!”

– 30 –

For more information, please contact:

Chief & Council Communications
306-467-4523 ext 237  |

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