“We want to promote and support community members in growing their own food. Don’t have a garden already? No problem – choose a space in your backyard and we will rototill it!”

Registration closes May 16th.

Registration options:

  1. Individual Family
  2. Clan (multiple families)

*you must complete your registration in-person at Willow Cree Health or Band Office*

Registrants receive:

  1. Free seed
  2. Rototilling (once)
  3. Gardening, cooking, canning workshops
  4. Door prizes
  5. Entry into competitions


  1. “Gardening: What do I need to know?”
    1. May 9, 1-5pm, Seniors Hall
    2. May 23 1-5pm, Veterans Hall
  2. Cooking with Garden Produce
    1. July 4 (details TBA)

Gardening Competitions:

  1. Cleanest Garden: June 29th
  2. Cleanest Garden 2.0: July 31
  3. Best Garden Presentation: August 31
  4. Biggest Potato: September 31st
  5. Biggest Carrot: September 31st
  6. Heaviest Pumpkin: October 31st

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