To: Membership, Beardy’s & Okemasis’ Cree Nation

From: Councillor i/c Emergency Management, Kevin Seesequasis

Date: March 14, 2018

Re: Emergency Management Flood Mitigation Measures


We have seen a tremendous amount of snow this past winter – in fact, it seems as though there is more snow this winter than there has been in the last few years combined.

Environment Canada, at our provincial Emergency Management forum two weeks ago, predicted a ‘cool, wet’ spring, which logically means a slower thaw. However, we’re not taking any chances. As we have already seen, the onset of warmer temperatures can bring a very rapid snow melt; and in the past, has caused significant flooding in more than a few low-laying areas.

Last week, our Emergency Management department secured limited funding to support flood mitigation efforts in our community. We developed a plan, identified key areas to target, and we’ve begun large-scale snow removal and relocation in select areas.

It is important to note that not all the snow will be removed or relocated. Much of the snow – where we know flooding has been a problem in the past (such as Fox Lake in the sub-division) – will simply be pushed to the ditches. Along select routes however, much of the snow will be removed and transported to an alternate site. Below, you can see a diagram of the snow removal efforts in the sub-division.

Red denotes snow removal; green denotes snow relocation (to ditches); blue identifies major flood-prone areas where pumps and hoses will be set-up to remove excess water.

Please note that the diagram above does not represent the totality of our snow-removal and flood mitigation efforts. Additional areas – such as along major road ways and some intersections – snow will be pushed further into the ditches/banks to prevent pooling on the surface and shoulders of roads and promote proper water run-off/drainage.

Here are some friendly reminders:

  • Not all areas will be addressed. Snow in yards will not be removed. Snow along the sides of houses will not be removed. Snow along drive-ways will not be removed. These areas are the responsibility of the occupant.
  • Please refrain from interrupting the snow-removal crews while they do their work to ‘see if they can clear _____ area‘. They will not. Staff are doing what they can with the very, very limited resources we have.
  • To prevent damage or property loss, please move your personal property and/or belongings on the routes identified and along major roadways.
  • Crews are working quickly. We have a very short time-frame to work. Please exercise extreme caution around snow-removal crews. The last thing we need is someone being injured or worse.
  • Children and pedestrians should avoid the immediate vicinity of the work crews.

It is our hope that by proactively removing and relocating much of the snow along ‘hot spots’, we can prevent some of the major flooding we have experienced in the past. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me or our Emergency Management Coordinator, Brenda Seesequasis, at the Band Office.


– Councillor Kevin Seesequasis


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