To: Membership, Beardy’s & Okemasis’ Cree Nation

From: Kevin Seesequasis, Councillor i/c Emergency Management

Date: July 27, 2017


Good Day,

By the time you view this, urgent water conservation efforts will have already been placed into effect. Continued high water usage, combined with mechanical difficulties with our Water Treat Plant, have caused us to take drastic measures in order to protect the integrity of our water supply.

We are taking this issue VERY seriously.

Relevant members of Council met this morning with water technicians to determine an appropriate path forward. Resulting from that meeting, the following measures are effective immediately:

  1. All water main lines connected to the WATER TREATMENT PLANT will be shut off for a period of approximately 1.5 days (including the Truck Fill) in order to attempt to replenish the water supply reservoir. Household/individual water conservation efforts have not had the desired result. As such, we are shutting off the water.
  2. Due to the recent loss in our community, the water line connecting the Rec Centre will remain operational. However, this location WILL NOT be distributing water for individuals or households. In addition, this same line WILL BE SHUT OFF for approximately 1.5 days beginning on Saturday at 6pm. This will affect the Rec Centre, Willow Cree Health, and the Willow Cree Healing Lodge.
  3. All public buildings (except Education (in Duck Lake) and Health) will be closed Friday. Pay cheques for Casual Employees will be distributed Friday morning at the Band Office.
  4. Effective at 1pm today, Social Assistance cheques will be distributed at the Willow Cree Education & Training Centre in Duck Lake.
  5. We anticipate water service to be restored sometime Friday.
  6. A MANDATORY Boil Water Advisory will be instituted immediately upon the restoration of water services Friday.

I want to re-emphasize that individual water conservation efforts will significantly assist us in resolving this issue and that this matter is our highest priority. Public Works, Health, and Emergency Management staff are working diligently to address our current challenges. If our current efforts do not have the intended results, further, drastic actions may be taken.



Kevin Seesequasis, Councillor i/c Emergency Management
Beardy’s & Okemasis’ Cree Nation


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