July 31, 2014

Dear Band Members,

As you are aware, our First Nation owns and operates Blackhawk’s Gas. We have recently begun a major transition period and during this time, we are working to implement new policies and procedures to serve our customers better and maximize store efficiency and profitability.

As part of these new policies and procedures, Certificate of Indian Status cards will be required by all customers – including band members – to qualify for the tobacco and fuel rebate. Failure to show a Status card will result in denial of a tax exemption sale.

You have a few options to get a Status card if you don’t have one:

  • You can see the Membership Clerk at the Band Office. It should be noted that there are limited cards at the Band Office and they move quickly. To get a card you need 2 pieces of ID. Please contact the Membership Clerk (306.467.4523) for additional information; or
  • You can go to the AANDC office in Prince Albert. There you will need your birth certificate and 2 pieces of ID. You can contact Aboriginal Affairs at: 306.953.8522. The wait time is 2 to 3 months.

The Membership Clerk is not responsible for other people using your Status number for the purchase of tax free gas and tobacco. That is your responsibility. Safeguard your number.

We also request that you do not take your frustrations out on Blackhawks Gas staff or the Membership Clerk.

All Band Members should also be advised that the unauthorized use of your Status number constitutes fraud. If you notice that your number is being utilized without your consent or knowledge, you can contact Saskatchewan Finance and they will identify where your card has been utilized. Their number is 1-800-667-6102.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact any member of Council.

Chief and Council

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